Dr. Shyam Chandra Gupta
Ram Bahadur Singh College

We heartily welcome you to Ram Bahadur Singh College. As a matter of fact it is a temple of learning where true community spirit is fastered along with excellence in all round education of students. It emphasizes national integration through the promotion of peace, communal harmony and justice. This college caters to the educational needs of the people of Bihar in particular, and the people of other states in general. It imparts complete education by removing the deficiency of present day education which excludes the achieving of full development of the individual by confining to traditional knowledge surveyed through traditional methods. No education can be complete which does not improve the capacity of the teacher to teach and of the students to learn , through the fullest development of consciousness.Education may not be the only or may be the most effective means to shape individual personality or the society at large; yet there is a clear universal agreement to give it some credit for both. A good institution, as such, leaves an indelible imprint on the personality of a person who does serve the society ultimately according to his or her attainment. Whatever may be the pedagogical principles of any system of education, the crucial role of the teacher can not be ignored. Hence, there must be a serious consideration and well-thought planning for orienting and developing successful teachers. In this regard, I feel a great sense of pleasure and gratitude in appreciating the sincere and serious efforts rendered by .....Read More

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