The department of chemistry was established in 1969.



 "The Department of Chemistry aspires to achieve regional and global distinction in the provision of first class teaching, research and service. 

 The department aims to contribute to the development of the wider community, the state, the nation and the world at large".



  •  The department will provide an environment that creates and maintains enthusiasm for Chemistry & Science.
  •  To strive to provide intellectually developed socially concerned, morally upright, truly patriotic and spiritually oriented citizens for the nation.  



  • The department contributes to future development of the college by emphasizing teaching, research, and applications. 
  • The department is committed to public service through its applications and through cooperative programs with academic units within college and other institutions of higher education.
  • The faculty and staff are bound by mutual respect and devotion to chemistry, and will provide the benefit of their expertise to serve the People of Gaya, Bihar, the Region, and the Nation.


Faculty Members

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Non Teaching Staff

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 Courses offered:

1. B. Sc. (Honours)
2. B. Sc. (Subsidiary)
3. I. Sc. (Chemistry)


 The Chemistry Lab possesses all necessary facilities and equipments for the following chemistry experiments designed as per the curriculum of B. Sc. Honours & Subsidiary Course and I. Sc.:

1. Volumetric Analysis
2. Gravimetric Analysis
3. Qualitative Analysis
4. Organic Preparations
5. Physical Chemistry Experiments
6. Ongoing Research Projects

1. Name of PI: Dr. Dhananjay Kumar
Project Title: "Design and development of novel aza-sugars and glycohbrides as potential biodynamic agents"
Funding Agency: DST-SERB New Delhi

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